“Unstable hormones can be stabilized, thanks to Curves!”

Since I studied in college I learned that I had a tendency to get heavier, but I ignored it. I still ate as usual and did not want to exercise because I thought it’s troublesome and took a lot of time.

However, since I got married 2 years ago, my weight rose to 14 kg in just 2 years. My body looks fatter and my working uniform barely fits. At that time I was often teased both at work and at home.

I tried to consult a doctor, and according to him, my extreme weight gain was due to unstable hormones and the doctor advised me to start exercising. When I found out about Curves, at first I was hesitant, but my husband was very enthusiastic and supportive to me.

After I started working out I felt that the environment of Curves was fun because it is only for women, and I could easily arrange the training time according to my working schedule. With a short 30 minutes only exercise, and without having a strict diet, in 4 months my weight had dropped by 2.9 kg and my body size was reduced by 31.2 cm.

I am very happy with the results. My friend said I looked thinner and my old uniform fits me again. I also feel more energized and can sleep better. I am increasingly excited to keep going to reach my ideal body weight. Thank you Curves!