“My cysts are shrinking, my body becames healthier, it’s complete!”

I have been married for more than 2 years but still have not been able to conceive. Finally, I decided to go to the doctor, thanks God the results were normal and the doctor recommended starting the program with hormon medication. After 6 months, I felt that there was a menstrual disorder and an extraordinary pain on the left side of the waist. It turned out that I had an endometriosis cyst with a size of 5.8 cm. The doctor advised me to have a surgery, but I tried to see another doctor for a second opinion check. The second doctor recommended conservative therapy using drugs and lifestyle changes.

At that time my body weight was 73 kg (increased to more than 10 kg after marriage), my diet was out of control and my exercise intensity was very low. The doctor asked me to lose 10 kg, a carbohydrate diet (without rice, noodles and bread), and exercises at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. For me, this is a tough challenge, because I don’t like running, it’s hard to get up early for a bicycle ride, and I’m afraid to go to the gym because I’m confused with the tools and coaches that are usually men.

Qodarullah … when I shopped at Superindo there was a girl who distributed flyers about Curves, a newly opened fitness center. At first I was hesitant to visit Curves, then searched for information on the web, discussed with my husband and… Bismillah I made an appointment with Coach Eliza to check my body composition and had the interview.

Alhamdulillah when I came, all welcome me and the coach were very kind to answer all my doubts. Curves is a comfortable fitness place, especially for women, always accompanied by a coach while working out, the equipments are not difficult, only 30 minutes and a promotional registration fee. So, I became a member of Curves.

After 2 months joining Curves, the results were amazing, exceeding the targets at the beginning of my membership. Now, especially the size of my cyst is now only 2.5 cm. My body weight is down, and definitely, clothes, and some olds pants can be worn back.

Thank you Curves Coaches, who are always enthusiastic during workout session, always giving me a good and effective way to use the machines, always reminding me to drink, always reminding my targets, especially if I was too lazy to practice, there are always exciting challenges. Curves Coaches are all humble and kind. What a nice family!

My message to all women, don’t wait later, let’s start now so that your personal targets will be reached soon!

Thank you Curves …