“Curves make my myoma much smaller!”

I have Myoma since 2013, after giving birth to my first child. For my treatment, I got the first surgery in January 2015 and my second surgery in August 2016. I was desperate, and even decided to stop taking treatment. A few years later, in August 2018 my myoma had grown to 9.1 cm in size and my doctor recommended me to do a carbo diet and exercise 3 times a week. In September 2018 my myoma had decreased to 8 cm but it was not satisfactory, also at early October it increased again by 0.3 cm. After seeing this development, the doctor suggested me to choose between surgery with the risk of lifting the uterus or injection of Tapros drugs three times, so I chose injectable Tapros.

One day, I found some information about Curves, and I thought that I wanted to try this sport. Finally I was introduced to Curves on October 15 and joined. Working out at Curves are fun and it is only for women. There are many activities that I enjoy every time I work out. However, what I am most happy about, within a month when I checked my health, on November 9, the size of myoma was reduced to 6.04 cm! I never thought that Curves can help me in such a way. This development helped the doctor to remove surgery suggestions, and injections of Tapros was decreased to just 2 times! I am very happy, and will continue to diligently practice in Curves which is now highly recommended by my doctor, and pray that further examination of the size of the myoma will be resulted in smaller size and I am getting healthier.