“I menstruated again after 5 months!”

I am a mother of 1 daughter aged 3 years. I am still 27 years old but my weight reaches 101 kg !!! This drastic increase in my weight made me stressed out. Each morning when I woke up, my feet were always tingling, and worsen because my body weight keep increasing, also, I did not menstruate for 5 months!

In February I accidentally read a brochure I found on the fence of my home. I was interested in reading it because in the brochure it was written that the opening of a fitness club was reserved for women only. I was very interested to try it. I made an appointment at the end of February. When I first came to Curves I found a different atmosphere. All coaches at Curves are very friendly and their smiles are pleasant. Coincidentally, when I first registered, I met coach Dessy, who always encouraged me. And also Maam Yenni who always convinced me that I would be able to reach the desired targets.

And … Finally, in April, I got positive results, after practicing 6 days a week, I lost 3.3 kg in a month. Also, the size of my chest, tummy, hip, were all decreased. I couldn’t be happier. The most exciting thing was that I finally started menstruating again! Yes, after 5 months delay. Thank you Curves, in this place I feel the fun workout because there are challenges and gifts that make us excited. It is not boring and we get many new friends who encourage each other. I still keep going to achieve the desired target. Keep your spirit high, fellow ladies!!