“My weight has returned to ideal and becomes healthier!”

I am a mother of 2 children. In my both pregnancies, my weight had always risen dramatically, from a normal weight of 58kg to 85kg. After giving birth to my first child, I managed to return to normal weight. However, after giving birth to my second child, my weight was very hard to lose even though I have maintained a good diet and still continue to breastfeed exclusively.

First I heard about Curves from a newspaper that my husband read. My husband told me that there was a Grand Opening of a fitness center near our house, with only 30 minutes short exercise, and only for women. I was immediately interested and started joining in April, after my recovery from my cesarean section.

Since July 27, 2018, after 7 months post-giving birth to my second child, I work out at Curves regularly every day and maintain a good diet which include reducing fried food, sweet drinks, snacks, and increasing portions of vegetables and fruit. In my first month of workout at Curves, I managed to lose as much as 6 kg. Up to 4 months of practice, the total body weight I lost was 11 kg, and my metabolic age, which was initially 48 years old before I began, has dropped to 28 years, that is 2 years younger than my original age of 26. Wow, a result that I didn’t expect and indeed was the fruit of my hard work at Curves!

Now I enjoy the results, my weight has returned ideal, and my body is not easily tired. Further, my skin feels tighter and fresher. Thank you to Curves coaches who are friendly, helpful and never been tired to guide me. Curves is truly a fun and effective fitness community!