“Curves gives attention that makes me feel like home!”

Since my childhood until college, I was not a person who got fat easily, no matter how much I ate. Even though I wasn’t very skinny, my family told me to add some weight. However, since I heredited my body from my mother, it is hard to gain more weight.

At college, I had more intensive activities and lots of pressure, thus, my weight had dropped even more to 49 kg — the lowest weight in the past last 6 years. I had the intention to exercise regularly, but I found it hard to take the time and get it started. Once I joined a gym near campus, but after 1-2 weeks I did not continue because other than difficult to find the time, I did not feel comfortable exercising in a place with many men.

After a few months joining Curves, my body started to build up because the muscles started to increase. I manage to add 3 kg to my body. Interestingly, my body fat also becomes more balanced as a result of increased muscles and hidration. Now, I don’t become tired too easily, and became more excited in carrying out daily activities. My confidence over my body has increased.

I love exercising at Curves because coaches and members are all women. The coaches have always been attentive and ready to help me during or after workout. Combined with women communities and events, Curves are so much fun, there is no other place like Curves.