“Curves helps me become healthier and younger!”

Before entering my 40s, my problem with weight was that I was too thin. With a height of 167cm, my body weight during high school until after I gave birth to my 2nd children. Therefore, I never saw the importance to join a sports club, especially that I was not a sports fan.

By the age of 40, my weight began to slowly rise, but it was not a problem because at first I really wanted to gain weight. But when the weight gain turned out to rise over 10kg, I began to think that if I didn’t do something, my weight would continue to rise.

At the beginning of 2018, my new year resolution was eating more fruits. Two months went since I began trying to increase the portion of fruits. However, my weight merely decreased, not even 0.5 kg lost.

At the end of February, I was invited by a friend to attend the grand opening of Curves Indonesia, and I was interested in joining, especially because this place is only for women, and also the workout time is relatively short, only 30 minutes. Besides, the atmosphere at Curves also made me feel comfortable to practice, with very friendly coaches.

The most surprising and happy moment was when after a month of doing workout, the results of weight measurements showed a reduction of 2.7 kg. I did not expect to lose that much weight ONLY within 1 month, even though my eating habit was the same as usual. Another happy surprise was when I learned that my metabolic age was down in 1 month to 39, 6 years younger than my current age! No wonder that since I started to workout routinely at Curves, my body is no longer easily exhausted.