“Be a better version of myself each day”

I have been trying to reduce weight to be healthier for many years. I joined various gyms but I was always lazy to go to regular exercise. So, all these times, I tried going to the gym but it did’t have a positive effect on my body weight. I thought that gym is not the right sport for me. Coincidentally, Curves had opened in February 2018 just across my office, so I wanted to try it this strategic location of Curves should no longer be my reason not to go cross the road and exercise.

After joining Curves, I find out that I can now exercise regularly. I never thought that in the first 2 months of being a member of Curves, practicing 3-4 times a week, I managed to reduce my body weight to 8 kg, my body fat to 3.7%, and my body size down to 63.6 cm. Now many trousers that I did not wear for a long time because I could not fit in anymore, can be worn again.

At Curves I found a community that not only motivate me to exercise but also give attention and encourage me to continue to be a better person every day or “a better version of myself each day”. Working out at Curves have been proven very effective for me who is quite busy with teaching activities and many sedentary activities. Furthermore, sports at Curves are very much align with my diet program that I am currently doing.