“I love Curves because Curves significantly helps me to be confident and healthy.”

When I lived in the USA in 2010, after giving birth to my second child, I was overweight. A year after my second child was born, I still did not succeed in slimming down, even increasing to 68 kg. One day I saw the promotion of Curves, which turned out to be my blessings. I did not expect much, however, it turned out that in just 7 months I managed to lose 10 kg and body fat dropped to 7%. I also fell in love with Curves because Curves were like oases when I was tired, everyone knew my name, coaches and other members were so close to me like family.

I continued Curves, until I managed to get a total of 15.87 kg body weight, 13% body fat, and 114.3 cm body size for 18 months. However, because my residence permit in the USA was expired, I had to return to Indonesia in 2012.When I returned in Indonesia, I was determined to bring Curves into Indonesia so that Indonesian women would be able to enjoy the benefits of Curves. Thankfully, even though it takes a long time, finally in 2018 Curves was successfully opened for the first time in Bandung!

As a result of my previous work that was too packed with meetings up to 4 times a day, in which each I will be given lunch or snacks, while I did not manage to complete my regular exercises, my weight at that time climbed again. My body weight reached 61.2 kg and my body fat was 32.9%. I felt the need to take care of my body to achieve my ideal and healthy body. When Curves machines arrived at Indonesia in January 2018, I immediately returned to my workuts in Curves. I practiced with discipline with a minimum of 3 times or even 6 times a week. I was once again amazed by the extraordinary results of Curves. For just 3 months since I practiced, I managed to lose 6 kg of body weight, 6.40% body fat, 52.70 cm body size, and 1 level of visceral fat!

I was even more amazed, as my metabolic age is also getting younger, from 44 years that was at my real age, today is just 30 years! Fourteen years younger! I feel more energetic and happy. After finishing 3 months in March 2018, I only need to maintain my body weight and body composition to my healthy level, and indeed Curves is extraordinary. Until today, my weight can still be maintained at the same level even if at weekends I eat more than usual. All can be achieved with a minimum of 3 times practicing in Curves.