“Curves helped me increase my weight to be the ideal again!”

I study in the Information Systems major, so I spend most of my day sitting in front of a computer. In addition, I have more unhealthy habits like staying up late often, eating irregularly, and experience lots of stress. All these causes me to lose weight beyond normal. Coincidentally, there is “Curves” across the campus, a new gym just established in Indonesia. I am not the type who like sports, and barely exercise. Previously, I had joined several gyms in Bandung but always failed because I felt that I was not comfortable in that place.

When I came to Curves I was greeted by very friendly coaches, with a different atmosphere in compared to the gym I had visited before. After weighing and measuring were done by coach Desi, it was true that I was too skinny. With a weight of 51kg and 165cm tall, I am underweight. I was confused and asked “Coach, what if skinny people do sports? It seems like that skinny people doing sport will be skinnier than before. ” It turned out that my thoughts were wrong, because she gave me an understanding of the importance of exercising to build muscle for body strength, and giving me enthusiasm to increase my weight to an ideal level. The coolest thing is, workout at Curves only takes 30 minutes and is already optimal!! Curves’ facilities are also equipped with a colorful interior that I really like, so I finally decided to join Curves.

After the first month I joined, I had felt a number of changes in my body, first my skin became firmer than before, my body did not feel quickly tired and became more energetic even though I do tough work. Every night my sleeping became better, my body became healthier and stronger, rarely sick, and my weight has gone up from 51 kg to 56 kg. My body sizes all went up significantly, but amazingly, it didn’t make me look fat. Instead, my body had shapen up according to the target I wanted. I have joined Curves for 6 months and my weight is still stable. I myself feel grateful for my ideal weight now, after all, my hard work has been fruitful.

Curves also is a fun sport because there is daily challenges coupled with many beautiful prizes that make us excited about each exercise and meeting new friends. Thanks to Curves for making it happens, and all coaches who continued to give enthusiasm to reach the desired targets. Wow, I’m very happy, that I can find a suitable gym! Thank you Curves!